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Vicky Gkarmiri was a 45 year old Greek Family Physician, mom of 3 and wife to the love of her life when she received the news: her application to immigrate in the States was approved. 3 years later, Vicky is a Greek immigrant in the States and the designer behind Next Door Goddess, a handcrafted jewelry brand she owns alongside her husband, that is here to help women unleash the Goddess within with jewelry inspired by the Mediterranean terrain and made with components sourced wordlwide and primarily in Greece. Shifting from Medicine that she loved to Entrepreneurship in a field she’s passionate about wasn’t an easy decision. It was made after long, sleepless nights and a question in a course about career transitions: She asks… if you were to die tomorrow, what is the ONE dream you will regret not having given a chance to come to life?

Website: www.nextdoorgoddess.com
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Instagram: @nextdoorgoddess_


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Metta LaKind is a Reiki Master Teacher, Somatic Energy Practitioner, Motivational Speaker, and Performance Artist. She is passionate about working with clients 1-1 to help reprogram their subconscious mind and learn how to heal themselves. She is the co-founder of Curación Consciousness Collective, a group of professionals, yogis, and artists, who foster community through yogic based practices and energetic modalities. CCC facilitates corporate events and trainings, workshops, and retreats.

Website: cycollectivecom.godaddysites.com

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Instagram: @curacioncollective & @mettakind


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