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Darlene Hawley is a mother, wife, connector and dream builder. She is also a Personal Branding & Business Clarity Coach and the founder of DarleneHawley.com.

She helps ambitious, heart-centered online entrepreneurs who are struggling with building a successful personal brand and business. They’re afraid to share their unique life story but know they need to stand out if they want to build an authentic, and profitable online business. She helps them build a solid brand foundation so they can share their message with the world, attract dream clients and have the impact, freedom and flexibility they desire.

Before starting her own business, she worked her way up in big box retail management, as a mortgage loan officer, and a financial coach. Darlene was trained by the largest business coaching franchise in the world and has been committed to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their business since 2007.

She now spends her time supporting women to reach their goals and live out their dream life, all while raising her family and creating memories each and every day.

Website: www.darlenehawley.com
Twitter: @darlenehawley

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Jami Shapiro is the owner of Silver Linings Transitions, a senior move management company specializing in senior moves, downsizing and home organization. The company creates career opportunities for women transitioning back into the workforce after taking time off to raise children. She is a single mom of three girls. Believing we can always find something positive in negative situations, she created Silver Linings Transitions as a result of a cancer diagnosis 15 years ago.

Website: www.SilverLiningsTransitions.com

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Lori Woehrle (WORL-ee), managing partner at Leapfrog Group, provides strategy, voice and vision to help nonprofits advance their missions. She works to uncover and articulate their inherent strengths—their brand promise—both clearly and authentically. Having worked both on staff and as a consultant to nonprofits, Lori creates big visions that are practical in application.

Website: www.thinkleapfrog.com

Twitter: @LoriWoehrle

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Helping others recognize their greatness within is Michelle’s passion. She is joyful when she sees others achieve the results they desire and deserve. Michelle’s expertise is in Sales and Leadership.

Her training and coaching business, The Champ Group, provides professional and personal development for community and business organizations. Delivery methods range from facilitating Mastermind Groups, to coaching individuals and teams in subjects of leadership, sales, speak-ing and team effectiveness.

Michelle is on the teaching faculty of the American Management Association and Brandman University. She is also a certified member of the John Maxwell Team.

Website: www.beasaleschamp.net

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Lara Piu, Author, Psychic, Medium & Founder of “Live to Listen”

Lara’s intuition had always been strong, but she didn’t trust it because sometimes it led her down a dead-end road. After a life-threatening situation in 2006, she spent the next decade developing a way to tune out the distractions and tune into the divine.

Now a Certified Growth Coach, Psychic, and Medium, Lara founded Live to Listen in 2016 to help busy women live an inspired, fulfilling, and divinely-led life.

Access her book, “Hear God Now: Divine Guidance for Women On-the-Go,” on Amazon.com, or learn more on live-to-listen.com.

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Kathryn helps companies and individuals create strategies for success. As a speaker, author, and online writer, she has been encouraging and mentoring women into success for years.

Her talks include Using Social Media Platforms to Generate Qualified Leads, How to Engage and Nurture Relationships, and Creating a Cohesive Relationship Between Your Sales and Marketing Teams.

Kathryn draws on her 30+years of experience in sales, marketing, and serial entrepreneurship to help high-level executives to rookie sales reps improve their selling skills. If you want to crush your goal and turn your selling slumps into celebrated fist bumps, you can find her here, kathrynevans.net. Twitter: @timetofocus

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With a passion for both design and helping others realize their vision of a beautifully designed space, Laytricia combined the two and 918 Design Co. was born. Laytricia has her Bachelors of Science in Interior Design and has experience in Commercial Interior Design and over 20 years of experience helping homeowners transform their homes and spaces.

Website: www.918designco.com

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Sweet Crimes is dedicated to making simple, delicious, and affordable gluten free baked goods that taste just like you remember! The Founder, Keri Lijinsky, left her profession in global public health to focus on the science of gluten free baking when she discovered she had a severe intolerance. The bakery has evolved since its inception in 2016 thanks to steadfast customer support and rigorous product development. Our mission is for everyone to love our products regardless of gluten intolerance.

Website: http://sweetcrimes.com/

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After spending 15 years marketing movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone and Dreamworks, helping launch multi-million franchises, and managing global brands with fiercely loyal fans, Hilary Hartling has a deep knowledge and innate skill in growing and leveraging strategic brands.

Hilary made the leap from corporate to founding her own brand strategy business to help others create unforgettable brands to inspire their audiences. She’s on a mission to help visionary entrepreneurs make an impact by translating their brand vision into aligned strategies and clear messaging that resonates.

Website: https://hilaryhartling.com/

Instagram: @hilaryhartling

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Cyntoni Miller (popularly known as Admin Cyn) is the founder of Black On The Job, a black-owned career development network aimed at fostering a wide range of global professional skills in the black community.

Founded in June, 2018, the group has transcended career, geographical and academic limits that have pulled our people behind for so long and successfully contributed to the career growth of over 44K members and approximately $1.2M in increased salaries.

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Kisa Puckett is creative director of marketing and branding agency Pink Icing, and the founder of Bonafide Impact Summit & The Business Diamond. She helps new and established entrepreneurs and business owners get clear, highly visible and become next-level profitable.

She has worked with prominent organizations such as Techstars as lead organizer for Startup Week Temecula, and is the Marketing Director of the National Association of Women Business Owners – IE (NAWBO-IE), and Marketing Chair of SCORE Inland Empire.

Kisa and her work have been featured in the San Diego Union-Tribune, iHeart Media, We Are Beautiful Magazine, the Valley Business Journal, and Menifee Buzz.

Website: https://www.getpinkicing.com/
Twitter: @GetPinkIcing

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Michelle Stansbury excels at building credibility, generating positive press and media exposure, and positioning companies as experts in their industry.

She runs San Diego-based Little Penguin PR, working with tech companies, life sciences, and professional services. Michelle produces measurable results that deliver both short-term and long-term brand value.

Website: www.littlepenguinpr.com

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Shauna Ruyle is Founder of the AWS Chatbot Challenge San Diego, VP Public Policy at AAUW San Diego Branch and Director Channel Success, SaaSMAX Corp. She is a B2B tech professional with experience in business development, sales, channel success, marketing and sales enablement for high growth startups to global brands (including Microsoft, TD Ameritrade, and Iomega Corporation).

Shauna’s Personal Leadership Vision: Leading with relationships, service and an unquenchable thirst for learning, it is my personal leadership vision to ensure students are prepared for digital transformation in the workforce and to help reduce equity gaps in tech for women and minorities.

How? With a bottom up approach, her contributions are made through public-private partnerships that work to #innovate #educate and open the conversation to influencing change in current institutional thinking, cultural shifts, and fostering #innovation, #equity, #diversity, #inclusion, and #socialpolicy that improves peoples’ lives.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shruyle
Twitter: @shruyle

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Valerie A. Grant has worked with nonprofit organizations and for-profit organizations to help obtain grant funding since 1998. Grant Consulting Services assists organizations through project development, comprehensive funding searches, expert grant management, and professional grant proposal writing services.

Ms. Grant is also a published author and an accomplished freelance writer.

Website: www.grantconsultingservices.com

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Danielle is the Founder and Principal of Client Raiser, a business dedicated to helping artists to increase their client volume and the visibility of their art. Since 2014, she has worked with nearly 100 artists across the country in support of their professional goals. Emerging and established artists alike begin with Client Raiser’s in-depth interview process, which results in a tangible assessment of their art practice and concrete next steps for advancing their careers.

Website: www.clientraiser.com

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Dhalia Balmir, Owner of Balmir Consulting, transitioned careers in 2018 to build a diversity consulting and writing business and working towards “living the dream”! Having worked at a Fortune 500 technology corporation for 12 years in contracts and supplier management, Dhalia expanded her personal interests in Diversity & Inclusion through leading female-led and African-American led employee networks, building strategic partnerships with other diversity employee networks while influencing initiatives on recruitment efforts, mentorship, and development for female and black employees. As a writer, she helps others find their voice through writing.

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De’Anna Nunez is a Speaker and Trainer delivering Breakthrough Hypnosis strategies that push the outer limits of what you believe is possible. She is one of America’s best applied learning Speakers and has conducted more than 1,000 presentations to over 500,000 people. De’Anna has contracted with the U.S. Marines across America and Asia for 20 year and Norwegian cruise lines speaking internationally in 23 countries. She is known for her edutaining style.

Website: DeAnnaNunez.com
Twitter: @DeAnnaNunez 

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Bree K. started We•col•ogy Society after selling on eBay for 7 years. We•col•ogy Society is a sustainable circular retailer and brand. Bree K. is working on scaling We•col•ogy Society to a brick and mortar store that offers a buy/sell/rent platform (Imagine a mixture of Buffalo Exhange, Anthropologie, and Rent the Runway) as well as an in-house, sustainable clothing label.

Website: www.wecologysociety.com

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Carey Adolfsson is the CEO of Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts, DTA. DTA’s focus is on providing world class commercialization assistance to advanced technologies in areas as diverse as AI, diagnostics and defense related applications.

Her volunteer work includes being a founding member of Women In Technology International San Diego chapter, and a working committee member of the MIT Forum in San Diego.

Website: www.dtanalysts.com

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Emily has been dedicated to making people healthier for over the last ten years in nutritional counseling and found sugar was her clients biggest struggle. She wanted to bring something to the market that people could feel good about choosing to sweeten their foods, instead of hindering their health, which is how California Grape Nectar came about.

With the first sweetener on the market made from California grapes, Domaine Santé offers the ultimate alternative to sugar. Grape Nectar has an exceptionally flavorful and unique taste that elevates anything from morning coffee and yogurt to the most intricate chef or mixologist creation and ultimately promotes a healthier and more sustainable sugar consumption.

Website: http://domaine-sante.com

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Sara Kemp is the founder and owner of Gemstone Gymnastics, which offers gymnastics, tumbling, and ninja gym classes for kids of all ages.

Sara has been involved in gymnastics since childhood and has spent the last fourteen years as a gymnastics coach, gym manager, and judge. Sara is a graduate of UC Davis, and holds several certifications in gymnastics safety, coaching techniques, and child development.

Website: https://gemstonegymnastics.com/
Instagram: @gemstonegymnastics

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Vivian Sayward is founder of Vivacity Sportswear, an inclusive women’s clothing line designed in San Diego. Vivian built a team of experts in design, development and manufacturing that produces sought after quality pieces with innovative fabrics and sustainability features. The company now offers product development and private label services – it’s Vivian‘s way of helping others avoid some of the pitfalls of developing and manufacturing a new line.

Website: https://vivacitysportswear.com
Twitter: @VivianSayward @vivacitysport

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Brooke Byler is the founder and president of Brooke Byler Acting Studios, Inc., an on-camera acting studio specializing in training kids and teens. BBAS puts an emphasis on gaining life skills and healthy self-esteem, so that each child and teen can maintain a grounded mindset for longevity in the industry, and for an overall positive quality of life. BBAS caters to all levels, and many BBAS students are working actors in Los Angeles enjoying success in film, television, and commercials. Brooke believes that the studio’s high quality coaching, and their healthy, grounded approach to the industry has helped empower their students to reach that level.

Website: www.brookebyler.com
Twitter: @bbactingstudios

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Katie Ferraro is a Registered Dietitian, infant feeding specialist and mom to 7 children age 4 and under (including a set of quadruplets and baby twins). Katie helps parents give their babies a SAFE start to solid foods using a process known as baby-led weaning, an alternative to traditional spoon-feeding.

Website: www.fortifiedfam.com

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Jennifer holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to founding Jaybird Analytics in late 2018, she worked as a predictive modeler/statistician/data scientist in government consulting and financial services for 14 years.

She is committed to advancing the state of analytics in startups, smaller businesses, and non-profits across the United States.

Website: jaybirdanalytics.com

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Gina Williams takes the guesswork out of digital marketing and helps small businesses get more local clients online.

After 10 years as COO of a small construction company, Gina then co-founded and sold an eCommerce craft beer business.

Eager to find a way to help others reach their goals, she also authored her first best-selling book and became an expert in keyword research. Today, she helps people grow their businesses through proven SEO services with measurable results.

Website: www.SanDiegoSEOSolutions.com

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Dr. Roshawnna Novellus is the Founder and CEO of EnrichHER, is a debt investment platform that connects female entrepreneurs with lenders who want to earn 15% return on their investment while fueling the growth of women-led businesses. Dr. Novellus is a gender equality advocate who believes in economic empowerment and inclusive economic growth.

Roshawnna served on the Commission on Women for the City of Atlanta and was honored as one of the Women Who Means Business by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, one of the 40 Under 40 by Georgia Trend, a Halcyon Fellow for Social Impact and one of the Top 25 Disruptors and Innovators in Tech.

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After six years of learning what worked and what didn't in various in-house communications roles in Washington, D.C., Sarah Flocken left the swamp and took that east coast approach back to her home on the best-sorry, west coast, and launched SLH Communications. She's DC-seasoned, San Diego-based, and ready to help you clearly communicate with the people you want to hear your message in a timely fashion. No BS, no blowing past deadlines, and no buzzwords (unless you absolutely need them there).

Website: https://slhcommunications.co/
Twitter: @sflocken

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Deb Boulanger is the money making mentor for new women entrepreneurs. As CEO and founder of The Great Do-Over, she coaches founders in how to create programs that sell – whether they are launching a business for the first time, re-launching a business that isn’t growing, or adding new offerings to their portfolio.

Deb started her program to support the large number of women in high-end mentorship and mastermind programs who are failing to make money. She noticed that while they had acquired the marketing skills to successfully grow a business, they missed the mark with creating irresistible offerings that their ideal clients wanted to buy.

In 2017, she decided to apply the skills she learned in her 25-year career as a product launch executive to new startups. Deb is now a sought after business mentor by women who want to invest wisely in building a business that meets their revenue and lifestyle goals.

She is also the New York City Metro Chapter Director for Empowering A Billion Women by 2020 and serves on the EBW2020 leadership team.

Webiste: http://thegreatdoover.com
Twitter: @debraboulanger

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Rebecca Massoud is an award-winning marketing & presentation coach, speaker, and creator of Speak, Shine, Sell(tm) and Soulful Speaking(tm). Women entrepreneurs hire Rebecca to multiply their income and impact through speaking, because many women hold back their voice, stay invisible and aren’t making the money they want in their business. So Rebecca teaches them how to create a client-attracting signature talk that sells AND serves.

Website: rebeccamassoud.com

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Fernanda is a business executive with over 20 years of experience in management consulting, venture investing and business operations. She spent the last 10 years working in the genomics space as Chief Business Development Officer of Human Longevity, President of SGI-DNA and Senior Vice-President at Synthetic Genomics. She recently founded Match Your Need, a local social impact technology start-up. Fernanda Coelho is a member of the San Diego French-American School board of trustees. She is also a partner at San Diego Social Venture Partners. Fernanda is originally from Brazil and moved to the United States in 2003. She is a proud mom of two daughters. Fernanda received her BS in Chemical Engineering from Escola de Engenharia Maua in Brazil and her MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business in California.

Website: matchyourneed.com
Twitter: @matchyourneed

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