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Dr Anne Dickson is a psychologist and author of a wide range of international best sellers including Teaching Men To Be Feminist, Difficult Conversations and A Woman In Your Own Right. Her next book, Reconnecting With The Heart, will be published in February 2015.

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Geri Stengel is the President, Ventureneer, online education and peer support for entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders. She is also the President of Stengel Solutions, a strategic planning and marketing consultancy that advises and develops businesses, especially those making a social impact. Whether you like to do things by yourself, like it done for you, or something in between, Geri offer guidance for you. You can have help anyway you want: in person, online, by phone or any combination. She is a serial entrepreneur, teacher, online information business expert who is making a social impact

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A social worker by training, Amy Abrams never expected to be an entrepreneur. But in 2004, she successfully launched Elder Care Guides, now a nationally-recognized provider of professional care management and in-home care services, and has never looked back. Her company provides consultation, care management, and direct care services to older adults with physical or cognitive impairments, and support services for families and caregivers throughout San Diego County. Amyholds a joint Master of Social Work and Master of Public Health from San Diego State University, and enjoys the daily juggling act of running a business, running a household, and running marathons.

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