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Barbara started out on a path toward a PhD in the biological sciences, but chose to change directions after receiving her masters degree, enrolling in law school with the goal of practicing patent law. She was an associate at a major intellectual property firm, representing a wide variety of clients, including biotech companies, publishers, food manufacturers and retail businesses. After taking time off while her kids were young, she chose to resume practicing law in partnership with her husband, also an IP lawyer. Together they assist their clients in patent, trademark and copyright matters, helping them to make the most of their creative capital.

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Dr. Aimee Holdwick, DAOM, L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist, board certified both nationally and in California. As a pedestrian involved in an automotive accident while in her twenties, she sustained extensive injuries, from which she spent years recovering. Acupuncture was pivotal in restoring her health. This experience was transformative and inspired her to study acupuncture. She has a private practice in Banker’s Hill and is also a faculty member at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, teaching courses in acupuncture, orthopedics, and neurology. Dr. Holdwick is passionate about using her experience and knowledge to help others in achieving their best potential health and wellness.

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Kim Richards is the founder and principal of KDR PR, a PR firm dedicated to helping education organizations discover and share their stories with the public in creative ways. She is also the co-founder of STEAMConnect, a grassroots organization started in 2012 that is convening and providing resources for the diverse and growing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) community across the US. Prior to starting KDR PR in 2011, Kim managed corporate communications for life science companies for nearly eight years, so she brings her experience in science communications together with a passion for the arts and education. Kim currently sits on the board of the BIOCOM Institute and King-Chavez Neighborhood of Schools, and is involved with several education initiatives including Art of Science Learning, the Boeing-funded Arts + STEM Collaborative, and CREATE CA.

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