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Katie Green is a neurodivergent mental health coach/consultant, committed to teaching neurodivergent women how to create a life they do not need to escape from. In this context, neurodivergent means women that are Autistic, have ADD/ADHD, sensory support needs, or learning/communication differences. Katie utilizes her extensive psychology education, lived experiences as an autistic woman, and clinical experience as an addiction counselor to equip women to live in a way that honors their brain. Katie strives to empower people and businesses in their journey to celebrate every aspect of neurodivergence without fear of social penalty.

Website: www.hopereignitedconsulting.com

Instagram: @Redesigned_mind

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Originally from Venezuela, Ana Karina Da Silva is an award-winning advertising Associate Creative Director based in Chicago. After 11+ years of working for 500 top Fortune brands and 30+ awards in creativity, and making her dream come true of winning a Cannes Award for her idea, Ana Karina decided to write and illustrate Emma’s Dream, a bilingual book that encourages kids to follow their dreams. Ana toured her book in Europe, México, and Chicago by reading, singing, and interacting with kids about their passions, proving that story time can be a powerful tool for their self-esteem and development.

Website: www.anakarinawrites.com

Instagram: @anakarinaexists

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Natalia Malko is a fashion designer, who founded the adaptive clothing brands for kids with disabilities called be easy kid, and she was inspired by her daughter with cerebral palsy.

Website: http://en.beeasykid.com

Social media handles:
Instagram: @be_easy_kid
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/natalia-malko-20615442

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Kimberly Hall’s appreciation of spirits and a great cocktail escalated during the pandemic. The free time to explore new brands and ingredients kicked off a whole new journey that even she didn’t see coming.

After more than 20 years in communications on campaigns and advocacy, a spirits business was not top of her list possible career paths. But after experiencing the challenges in being able to access and purchase Black-owned spirit brands with confidence she started Sip+Tipple, the membership club for Black-owned spirit enthusiasts.

Sip+Tipple is a community of members interested in exploring flavor profiles – understanding what they like and why – and want an easy and convenient to find and purchase Black-owned brands.

Website: www.SipandTipple.com

Instagram: @SipandTippleClub


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