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Without profit, business is just an expensive hobby. Sam Varner, founder of She Collective is on a mission to show business owners just how they can live full and robust lives while building massively profitable businesses. Using her CRUSH formula, Sam takes her 15+years of experience in public relations, sales and business development to teach driven entrepreneurs how to create wealth through business ownership.

Website: crushprofitcoaching.com

Instagram: @samtheprofitcoach


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Jessica Porté MA, is a mom, wife, and the founder of Wayfinder Family Co., a coaching and consulting agency that supports families and organizations navigate grief, loss, and change. She has over 12 years of experience in nonprofits, working with family systems facing challenges related to grief, addiction, and other forms of loss that impact families and communities.

Jessica has experience in management, group facilitation, crisis intervention, professional trainings, bereavement camp leadership and development, and developing community and school programming. She is a member of the National Alliance for Children Grieving, International Coaching Federation and a volunteer for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Website: wayfinder.family

Instagram: @wayfinding_parent


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Cheli Grace is the Founder of the Book to Millions® Program and the Co-Owner of Delian Origin Publishers.

Her Book to Millions® program attracts business owners and industry experts who want to have a process where they are coached while have writing assistance as they publish their books with ease and flow aligned to a solid business foundation that creates impact through correct marketing that scales their brand.

Cheli incorporates an all-in-one system to write-publish-market.

She is a life-long educator, former teacher, and school principal.

Website: www.booktomillions.com

Social media handles:
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/cheligrace
Instagram: @cheligraceofficial


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Kia Minor works with six figure females to help them achieve financial wellness. Women should be able to focus their energies on their families, businesses, or the other areas of life that matter most. The work Kia does with her clients positions them to live, give and enjoy their life with purpose and financial confidence.

Website: www.bulfinchgroup.com/team/kia-l-minor
Podcast: Fearless Narratives

Social media handles:
Instagrams: @moneymatterswithkia & @kminor15
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kia-minor-79428b67


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