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Aida is a Bosnian-American author, poet, songwriter, Internet entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. She is an extremely prolific and versatile author, having written over 100 books (in a span of 5 years) which she will publish soon. Aida often writes about social justice, Bosnia and Herzegovina, ambition, courage, uniqueness, discrimination. bullying, violence, war, power, activism, beauty, rebellion, creativity, love, and critical thinking. She writes about her past experiences of being a refugee and immigrant.

Website: www.aidamandic.com

Social media handles:


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Christine Klahn is the Founder and CEO of ChemE Queen Bee, a Product Development and Small Batch Manufacturing Company in San Diego, California. She has created a host of products for clients in industries including beauty and wellness, CBD and cannabis, food and beverage, and sports and nutrition.

With Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and over 25 years in industry and academia, Christine has created hundreds of recipes and has extensive experience in the product development process, scale-up and good manufacturing practices, and batch traceability and testing. She works exclusively with the highest quality natural ingredients to formulate the cleanest, safest, and most effective products for her clients. She has collaborated with celebrities such as Ashley Greene Khoury on her Hummingway brand, as well as the Mike Tyson team on the Tyson 2.0 x ClickSpray launch, and several of her client formulations have won industry awards. Christine’s ideal clients are other bootstrap entrepreneurs, particularly women, minorities, and veterans, who wish to launch their own unique brand and grow their existing small businesses.


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Allison C. Pierre is an innovator. She founded Innovative Prosecution Consulting (IPC) a criminal justice consulting firm in 2019. IPC works in partnership with American University’s School of Justice, Law & Criminology.

Website: www.reformagents.com

Social media handles:
Instagram: @innovative_prosecution
Twitter: @InnovativePros3
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/allison-pierre-548a0bb


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