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After re-careering out of the training and career development field, Mindy was ready to make her avocation her vocation and, together with her husband Jerry, launched Tour Freely – a GPS audio tour company. The tours are storytelling experiences of select Southern California destinations, where the history, heritage and lifestyle of the areas comes to life – creating an engaging opportunity to have a greater appreciation for the region.

As a career coach/trainer, she was focused on helping others explore themselves, helping them find their spark and “Follow their bliss.” She is now on a parallel path helping others explore and follow their wanderlust and curiosity.

Website: tourfreely.com

Social media handles:
Facebook: TourFreely
Instagram: @tourfreely
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mindyflanagan

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Keasha Lee is a Personal Branding Coach, Messaging Mentor, Copywriter, Speaker, and Founder & CEO of Striking Statements. Through her business, she helps conscious and creative entrepreneurs get NOTICED, REMEMBERED & PAID by bringing more of who they are into what they do.

Keasha has 15+ years experience in marketing, speaking, copywriting, and personal branding. She’s worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners to revamp their branding, define and grow a profitable niche, refine their messaging and position themselves as experts in their fields.

Website: www.strikingstatements.com

Social media handles:
Instagram: @strikingstatements
Facebook: Striking Statements
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/keashalee

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Jolene founded Systems Success to help entrepreneurs create sustainable companies, where employees are engaged and profitability is growing.  Considered the Visionary’s Secret Weapon, she’s helped numerous CEOs navigate the complexities that come with growth and expansion, specifically in systems, organization, and leadership.

Before Systems Success, Jolene spent over 18 years as Owner/COO/CFO of large real estate enterprise. While maneuvering massive growth and expansion, she gained the wisdom, knowledge, and first-hand experience she shares with her current clients.


Social media handles:
Facebook: @SystemsSuccess
Instagram: Systems_Success

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