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Sima is the founder of Serenity Financial Planning and our chief wealth management advisor. She’s been serving clients in the financial industry for nearly three decades. During that time, she’s handled a wide variety of assets and portfolios of all sizes, giving her the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to serve high-net-worth clients in all stages of their financial journeys.

As a woman in the financial industry, Sima is passionate about serving other women and educating them on the importance of financial independence and long-term planning. She learned the importance of financial literacy at a young age, when she watched her beloved grandmother suffer unnecessarily from a lack of financial preparation and understanding. Her grandmother spent many years living a lavish lifestyle, complete with maids and a personal chef, while Sima’s grandfather took care of all the finances. She relied on him completely for financial support and stability. Her life changed in an instant when Sima’s grandfather died of a heart attack, leaving no will, living trust, or bank accounts. Although left with nothing, Sima’s grandmother was determined not to be a burden on her children. As a 40-year-old widow, she made the decision to start her own catering business and worked hard to provide for herself and learn how to manage her finances for the first time.

Over the years, Sima has heard many other stories similar to her grandmother’s—including a close family member experiencing divorce after a 40-year marriage and having to go back to work to earn a paycheck, right on the cusp of entering retirement. As a young girl, it became Sima’s mission to help women become financially equipped and empowered so unexpected life circumstances such as these would not find them unprepared. She made the decision to be someone they could turn to, who listened to their concerns and went the extra mile to help them find solutions, all so that they could experience confidence instead of worry. She specializes in working with women and those in or near retirement, with a focus on retirement taxes and income planning.

Website: www.serenityfinancialplanning.com

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Jodi Silbermann is the founder of “From We to Me”, divorce support services.
She is also a best Selling Author – The Straight Skinny, Divorce 101: Clarity through Chaos, and the Creator of Divorce 101 Master Coaching Program.

Jodi has over 30 years experience working side-by-side with top attorneys in the areas of estate planning and family law. Throughout this time, she has helped thousands of individuals successfully transition through divorce and go on to build a brighter future.

Website: www.fromwetome.org

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