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Anjalee Narenthiren is the speaker, Program Director at Startup Dojo, and host of the Youngpreneur podcast. Anjalee is an international VEX Robotics champion, having beat over 20,000 teams in two consecutive years. She also founded her first startup at age 15. 
Currently, she is enrolled at the Jerome Fischer M&T Program at The University of Pennsylvania – pursuing a double degree with the Wharton School Of Business and Penn School of Engineering.

Website: www.youngpreneur.world

Social media handles:
Facebook – Youngpreneur with Anjalee
Instagram – @youngpreneurworld

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Roni, founder of Shine On And Glow, is a former Wall Street executive turned Business and Mindset Coach. Roni started her journey as a coder in New York’s financial industry and eventually managed the development of investment management systems for Merrill Lynch, The American Stock Exchange, S&P and The Vanguard Group. Roni now combines her business knowledge with her powerful intuitive gifts, motivating others to take action and follow their dreams in life and work. She helps her clients create a plan for their businesses and lives using a process she calls the Motifesting™ Method. Roni’s clients learn how to not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk.

Website: shineonandglow.com

Social media handles:

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