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For the last couple of decades Alison Mclean has helped hundreds of students overcome injury, pain and achieve their health goals. She has had a successful and profitable physical therapy and wellness clinic while leading classes, workshops and yoga trainings.

Then she was diagnosed with Lynch syndrome, a genetic mutation that puts her at high risk for several different types of cancer. Only a couple months later following her first cancer screen she was diagnosed with rectal cancer.

This caused her to reevaluate not only the sustainability of her own business, but the whole wellness industry.

She now has a passion to help other Wellness Entrepreneurs grow their businesses sustainably, with profit, while still caring for their own health and enjoying life in the process.

Website: igniteurwellness.com

Social media handles:
Instagram: igniteurwellnessbiz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/alison.cupinimclean

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Nikki Gal is a former fashion model, entrepreneur, mental health advocate, speaker, content consultant and designer. Since quitting her career as a fashion model in 2018, she has created her own success as a entrepreneur of digital design company See Thru Nikki, founder of mental health advocacy non-profit and podcast Raw Talk with Nikki Gal, founder and designer of intimates line, Gal Intimates, founder of content and branding consultant company, Galvanize by Nikki Gal, as well as founder of photography/film company, Shots By Gal.

Nikki Gal as well as her works have appeared in Cosmopolitan, People Magazine, CIO Today Magazine, The Sun, Daily Mail, Page Six, as well as television program, Good Morning America. Gal’s mission is to encourage all women that they are capable of every dream they put their mind to and to never limit themselves- anything is possible.

Learn more about Nikki in this recent article.

Website: seethrunikki.com
Instgram: @seethrunikki

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Hank Dearden is a natural ‘connector’ with a passion for all forms of renewable energy, tree planting, and exploring new places by bicycle. He is the Founder and Executive Director of ForestPlanet, an organization that supports large scale reforestation projects all around the world. ForestPlanet helps plant trees in regions where they have the greatest positive impact on the soil, the environment, and communities in peril.

Website: www.forestplanet.org

Social media handles:

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Joan Maze is the owner of Life in Seven Coaching & Consulting and the creator of Work Wellness Academy (WWA), a learning community dedicated to professional and personal growth. The WWA membership community, podcast, and workshop series provide coaching support, training, and resources for those who want to regain control over their work and well-being. Joan’s mission is to teach people how to reinvent their relationship with work so they can live happy, healthy and whole. WWA also works with businesses and organizations who strive to create a work culture that contributes to and enhances the well-being of their employees.

Prior to starting her business, Joan Maze was a leader in higher education for 23 years. She has a bachelor’s degree from Xavier University of Louisiana, a master’s degree from Temple University, and certification as a personal and executive coach from the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute. In addition to running her business, Joan is also President of the San Diego Chapter of NAWBO (the National Association of Women Business Owners).

Website: www.therealjoanmaze.com

Social media handles:
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/joan-maze
Instagram: @therealjoanmaze

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Back in 2015, at nearly sixty years of age, Laurie Lee Davidson was propelled by a series of crises into the world of somatic trauma healing. There she discovered that it’s never too late to get well, find peace, make meaning, experience joy, champion justice, and be a force for healing.

Filled with gratitude for the people and programs that enabled her total rebirth, Davidson wrote Growing into the Gray: Reflections on Transforming Trauma for Women and the World to offer hope and help to others.

The book, which is her first, is equal parts life story and social prescription, offering a vision for open-hearted living in complex times.

Website: www.laurieleedavidson.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/laurie-lee-davidson-79140023b

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Dr. Patty Michelle is a mom, writer, and public health specialist; who combines her passions for public health, women’s rights, technology, science, and the world to inspire children and adults through her writing. 

Drawing on her career in global health, Patty’s works wrestle with the toughest public health and societal issues of our time, including the environment, responsible technology and AI, pandemic preparedness and mental health.

Her writing also draws on her more than 20 years of work across more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Patty holds a PhD in Public Health and Policy from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a Master’s in Health Science in International Health from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

She is the author of the middle grade fiction novel, The Antidotes: Pollution Solution (Bold Story Press: October 4, 2022), which she wrote with her 10-year old son (available for pre-order on Amazon).

Website: www.patriciamechael.com

Social media handles:
Twitter: @PattyMechael
Instagram: @theantidotesseries
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/patricia-mechael-a696001/

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After re-careering out of the training and career development field, Mindy was ready to make her avocation her vocation and, together with her husband Jerry, launched Tour Freely – a GPS audio tour company. The tours are storytelling experiences of select Southern California destinations, where the history, heritage and lifestyle of the areas comes to life – creating an engaging opportunity to have a greater appreciation for the region.

As a career coach/trainer, she was focused on helping others explore themselves, helping them find their spark and “Follow their bliss.” She is now on a parallel path helping others explore and follow their wanderlust and curiosity.

Website: tourfreely.com

Social media handles:
Facebook: TourFreely
Instagram: @tourfreely
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mindyflanagan

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Keasha Lee is a Personal Branding Coach, Messaging Mentor, Copywriter, Speaker, and Founder & CEO of Striking Statements. Through her business, she helps conscious and creative entrepreneurs get NOTICED, REMEMBERED & PAID by bringing more of who they are into what they do.

Keasha has 15+ years experience in marketing, speaking, copywriting, and personal branding. She’s worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners to revamp their branding, define and grow a profitable niche, refine their messaging and position themselves as experts in their fields.

Website: www.strikingstatements.com

Social media handles:
Instagram: @strikingstatements
Facebook: Striking Statements
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/keashalee

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Jolene founded Systems Success to help entrepreneurs create sustainable companies, where employees are engaged and profitability is growing.  Considered the Visionary’s Secret Weapon, she’s helped numerous CEOs navigate the complexities that come with growth and expansion, specifically in systems, organization, and leadership.

Before Systems Success, Jolene spent over 18 years as Owner/COO/CFO of large real estate enterprise. While maneuvering massive growth and expansion, she gained the wisdom, knowledge, and first-hand experience she shares with her current clients.


Social media handles:
Facebook: @SystemsSuccess
Instagram: Systems_Success

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Dr. Diana Hoppe is a board certified OB/GYN with over 25 years of experience in women’s health and hormonal balance. She is the founder of the first physician-led, online health, wellness, & educational resource to help women be Amazing Over 40, 50, 60 & beyond! Dr. Diana is the award winning author of “Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You” and frequent contributor to HuffPost, WomensHealth, NPR, and was a special guest on the Dr. Oz show. In her free time she enjoys competitive tennis and hiking.

Website: amazingover40.com
Instagram: @amazingover40

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Maraia Tanner has served as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Space Development Ventures since its inception in 2013. With an academic background in Astrophysics, aerospace industry experience as a systems engineer, and hundreds of parabolas under her belt, Maraia is passionate about helping to generate radical solutions for climate change and sustainability as well as increasing diversity in the science and engineering fields.

Website: starharboracademy.com

Social media handles:

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Sima is the founder of Serenity Financial Planning and our chief wealth management advisor. She’s been serving clients in the financial industry for nearly three decades. During that time, she’s handled a wide variety of assets and portfolios of all sizes, giving her the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to serve high-net-worth clients in all stages of their financial journeys.

As a woman in the financial industry, Sima is passionate about serving other women and educating them on the importance of financial independence and long-term planning. She learned the importance of financial literacy at a young age, when she watched her beloved grandmother suffer unnecessarily from a lack of financial preparation and understanding. Her grandmother spent many years living a lavish lifestyle, complete with maids and a personal chef, while Sima’s grandfather took care of all the finances. She relied on him completely for financial support and stability. Her life changed in an instant when Sima’s grandfather died of a heart attack, leaving no will, living trust, or bank accounts. Although left with nothing, Sima’s grandmother was determined not to be a burden on her children. As a 40-year-old widow, she made the decision to start her own catering business and worked hard to provide for herself and learn how to manage her finances for the first time.

Over the years, Sima has heard many other stories similar to her grandmother’s—including a close family member experiencing divorce after a 40-year marriage and having to go back to work to earn a paycheck, right on the cusp of entering retirement. As a young girl, it became Sima’s mission to help women become financially equipped and empowered so unexpected life circumstances such as these would not find them unprepared. She made the decision to be someone they could turn to, who listened to their concerns and went the extra mile to help them find solutions, all so that they could experience confidence instead of worry. She specializes in working with women and those in or near retirement, with a focus on retirement taxes and income planning.

Website: www.serenityfinancialplanning.com

Social media handles:
Facebook: Serenity Financial Planning
LinkedIn: Sima Alefi

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Jodi Silbermann is the founder of “From We to Me”, divorce support services.
She is also a best Selling Author – The Straight Skinny, Divorce 101: Clarity through Chaos, and the Creator of Divorce 101 Master Coaching Program.

Jodi has over 30 years experience working side-by-side with top attorneys in the areas of estate planning and family law. Throughout this time, she has helped thousands of individuals successfully transition through divorce and go on to build a brighter future.

Website: www.fromwetome.org

Social media handles:

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After years in the career services industry, Emily peeled off to build Marketable Mama. A career and life transition coaching firm exclusively for moms equipping each unique woman with the clarity, confidence, and captivating job search documents they need to thrive forward in their careers. Emily leverages a decade of motherhood with certifications in resume writing, life coaching, and the Fair Play method to fuel goal-focused coaching to support the whole mother.

Website: www.marketable-mama.com

Social media handles:
Instagram – @marketablamama
LinkedIn – Emily Stark CPRW, CLC

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Eden got her start teaching meditation while working in a highly demanding and stressful corporate job. Since then, she has taught thousands of people around the world how to meditate to work better. Those who have experienced meditation the way she teaches it praise her ability to break down dogmatic, ancient meditative principles into simple, focused mindfulness tools ready to be implemented during a stressful workday.

She draws upon her experience studying mindfulness at the University of California, Berkeley, and under teachers in China and India.

Website: www.withedenharmony.com

Social media handles:

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Hunter is co-owner of Tortoise & The Bear, helping 6 figure online businesses scale to 7 figures by implementing systems and processes that help them get time and sanity back to allow them focus on their passion. After building and running a multi-million dollar company, she suffered a severe burnout and decided it was time for a more nomadic life with time and space for self care. With several coaching certifications, she found that freedom in her lifestyle business as a Business Strategist and Operations Optimizer. She has found a true second calling in being the wizard behind the curtain to impactful visionaries.

Website: www.tortoiseandthebear.com

Social media handles:
Instagram: @tortoiseandthebear
Facebook: tortoiseandthebear

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Dr. Cindy Tsai is a board-certified physician turned entrepreneur, mindfulness teacher, speaker, and coach focused on helping high-achieving professionals avoid burnout to live their best life with ease. As a physician, she saw the impacts of chronic stress on the body and wanted to do more than just prescribe medications as a bandaid.

Through her own healing journey, she has explored and trained in a wide range of therapeutic modalities and emphasizes wellness and caring for the person as a whole. Cindy teaches mindfulness and self-compassion practices so that clients can enjoy success, joy, and freedom in all areas of their life.

Website: cindytsaimd.com

Social Media Handles:

Facebook: Cindy Tsai MD Life Coach
Instagram: @cindytsaimd
LinkedIn: Cindy Tsai, M.D.

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Tameeko Clark is a former Sales Operations Manager from the SaaS industry, turned Certified Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist.

She is a mom of 2, who grew up on junk food and personally understands the struggles that foundation can bring. She is passionate about helping other busy, ambitious women (especially moms) take control of junk food cravings to achieve their health & wellness goals.

Website: www.basiconpurpose.com

Social media handles:
IG: @basiconpurpose
FB: facebook.com/basiconpurpose
FB Group: facebook.com/groups/400040231414129

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Anjalee Narenthiren is the speaker, Program Director at Startup Dojo, and host of the Youngpreneur podcast. Anjalee is an international VEX Robotics champion, having beat over 20,000 teams in two consecutive years. She also founded her first startup at age 15. 
Currently, she is enrolled at the Jerome Fischer M&T Program at The University of Pennsylvania – pursuing a double degree with the Wharton School Of Business and Penn School of Engineering.

Website: www.youngpreneur.world

Social media handles:
Facebook – Youngpreneur with Anjalee
Instagram – @youngpreneurworld

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Roni, founder of Shine On And Glow, is a former Wall Street executive turned Business and Mindset Coach. Roni started her journey as a coder in New York’s financial industry and eventually managed the development of investment management systems for Merrill Lynch, The American Stock Exchange, S&P and The Vanguard Group. Roni now combines her business knowledge with her powerful intuitive gifts, motivating others to take action and follow their dreams in life and work. She helps her clients create a plan for their businesses and lives using a process she calls the Motifesting™ Method. Roni’s clients learn how to not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk.

Website: shineonandglow.com

Social media handles:

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Jeanne Rawdin has more than 30 years of experience as a journalist, video storyteller and writer. She’s worked for NBC, CBS, ABC and Cox Communications in San Diego, and has received 16 Emmy Awards throughout her career. She’s now a professional storyteller, writer, editor and media coach for her own company, Epic Storytelling.

Website: www.epic-storytelling.com

Social media handles:
Instagram: @epic.storytelling
LinkedIn: Epic Storytelling
Facebook: Epic Storytelling

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