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Carla Burdt is a clinical hypnotherapist and motivational speaker specializing in relationships, sexuality, and intimacy. Her goal is to provide a non-judgmental and inclusive atmosphere for her clients to explore the various aspects of their sexuality and relationships in a supportive and collaborative way. Working with clients, she helps to build self-awareness and resolve deeply-ingrained issues surrounding relationships, sexuality, and intimacy.

Website: www.hypnocarla.com

Social media handles:
Facebook: @hypnocarla
Instagram: @carlaburdthypnotherapy

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Nerissa Zhang is CEO of The Bright App. She is a Fierce Female Founder and created many businesses from an early age from daycare to catering. She is a former elite trainer in San Francisco and top earner at her gym who runs two of the biggest facilities in San Francisco for Olympic weightlifting.

Website: getbright.app

Social media handles:
Instagram – @brightfitnessapp
Twitter – @TheBrightApp
Facebook – facebook.com/thebrightapp
LinkedIn – linkedin.com/company/bright-app

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Rose Galer is the Founder  of Refill Exchange, a zero-waste grocery and retail store focused on reducing single-use plastics for food storage. She started Refill Exchange in 2021 after seeing the prolific consumption of single-use plastics during the height of the pandemic. Utilizing her background in environmental science, she works to build sustainable solutions to combat climate change and prevent the harmful, toxic wastes from plastic use and manufacturing.

Website: www.refillexchange.com
Crowdfunding Link: Refill Exchange Indiegogo Campaign Page

Social Media:

Instagram: refillexchange
Twitter: Refill Exchange

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