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Kathryn Wepfer is the founder of Fulcrum Apparel, which provides better workwear solutions for pumping moms. Prior to launching Fulcrum, Kathryn was a mechanical engineer in robotics and jet engines, a product manager and sales specialist for Microsoft, and had a short career as a professional ballroom dancer. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband and two daughters.

Website: thefulcrumapparel.com
LinkedIn: Kathryn Wepfer
Facebook: Fulcrum Apparel
Instagram: @fulcrumapparel
Pinterest: Fulcrum Apparel

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Wanda Toro Turini, also known as Dr. Wanda or THE Nerdy Girl Entrepreneur is quite a seasoned entrepreneur but, even more unique… she is a natural inventor. Her latest brainchild, Ketchwords.com, helps fellow entrepreneurs unveil their Anonymous Fans and stop leaving money on the table. She’s a unique combo of super analytical and super creative and is a Rock Star in marketing and audience engagement.

Website: https://ecofilesmobile.com/

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Keisha Montfleury is an entrepreneur with a purpose. She is currently the CEO of a California 501 C 3 non profit and the owner of an organization called HandiWork: both organizations responsibility are to encourage a generation that is armed with the tools, knowledge, and resources to thrive as individuals.

She hosts interactive workshops and provide resources for our girls ages 5-11 so they will not participate in risky behaviors such as self-harm and bullying. Keisha is an author of 3 books and workbooks that are specifically designed to provide our girls with practical tips and tools, she is a speaker and a Certified Teen Life Coach.

Website: keishamontfleury.com
Facebook: ConfidentKeisha
Instagram: confidentkeisha

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