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Carla Burdt is a clinical hypnotherapist and motivational speaker specializing in relationships, sexuality, and intimacy. Her goal is to provide a non-judgmental and inclusive atmosphere for her clients to explore the various aspects of their sexuality and relationships in a supportive and collaborative way. Working with clients, she helps to build self-awareness and resolve deeply-ingrained issues surrounding relationships, sexuality, and intimacy.

Website: www.hypnocarla.com

Social media handles:
Facebook: @hypnocarla
Instagram: @carlaburdthypnotherapy

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Nerissa Zhang is CEO of The Bright App. She is a Fierce Female Founder and created many businesses from an early age from daycare to catering. She is a former elite trainer in San Francisco and top earner at her gym who runs two of the biggest facilities in San Francisco for Olympic weightlifting.

Website: getbright.app

Social media handles:
Instagram – @brightfitnessapp
Twitter – @TheBrightApp
Facebook – facebook.com/thebrightapp
LinkedIn – linkedin.com/company/bright-app

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Rose Galer is the Founder  of Refill Exchange, a zero-waste grocery and retail store focused on reducing single-use plastics for food storage. She started Refill Exchange in 2021 after seeing the prolific consumption of single-use plastics during the height of the pandemic. Utilizing her background in environmental science, she works to build sustainable solutions to combat climate change and prevent the harmful, toxic wastes from plastic use and manufacturing.

Website: www.refillexchange.com
Crowdfunding Link: Refill Exchange Indiegogo Campaign Page

Social Media:

Instagram: refillexchange
Twitter: Refill Exchange

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Annie Smith is the Founder & Creative Director of Solanas Creative, a boutique agency specializing in graphic design and social media marketing. Annie founded Solanas Creative in 2020, after losing her job in marketing with Red Bull, due to COVID. With a background in design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Media, she used this opportunity to gain clientele and build brands’ digital presence.

Social Media:

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Vatrice Chestnut is the publisher of East Potomac River Living magazine and it’s distributed in the Georgetown area. She has more than 30 years publishing experience and works diligently to help local businesses build their brands with the most affluent homeowners. Vatrice can also help brands grow in more than 1100 markets in the US and Canada within her publishing network.

Website: www.affinitymediaconsulting.com/eprl
LinkedIn: affinitymediaconsulting
Instagram: affinitymediaconsulting

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Cynthia Barnes is the founder and CEO of the National Association of Women Sales Professionals, 2021 Salesforce Influencer, 2020 LinkedIn Top Sales Influencer, highly sought-after global keynote speaker, and a pioneering champion for Women in Sales.

Cynthia is the author of Reach the Top 1%: A Strategic Game Plan for Warrior Women in Sales and is known for motivating others to feel confident, empowered, and brave. Her insights and unique understanding of what it takes for women sales professionals to excel have made her a sought-after expert, having appeared in over 250 major media outlets around the nation – including appearances in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Website: cynthia-barnes.com & nawsp.org
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/cynthiabarnes

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Nicole is a lifelong advocate of education, certified secondary teacher, author, and the founder of Screen Time Clinic, a network of digital wellness experts empowering families to flourish OFFline and keep kids safe with limited screen time.

Her new children’s book Screen Smart Sam was written to reach families with young children to help prevent problems parents are noticing with behavior and learning challenges as young as 18 months due to media overstimulation.

Website: www.ScreenTimeClinic.com
Instagram: @screentimeclinic & @screensmartsam
Facebook: Screen Smart Families

Dr. Elizabeth Alvarado is the founder and Creative Director of Little Language Adventures. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Alvarado has worked in various areas of education; from teaching preschool to graduate students, to school administration, and most recently educational entrepreneurship. She attributes becoming an entrepreneur to her search for a multilingual resources for her own children and students.

Website: www.littlelanguageadventures.com
Facebook: Little Language Adventures

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Ashlee Ammons is the 38th Black Female to raise over $1M in pre-seed funding. Prior to co-founding Mixtroz with her mother, Kerry Schrader, Ashlee established a career as an Events Producer working with an impressive list of A-listers including Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jay-Z, as well as legacy brands like Hennessy and Coca-Cola. Ashlee has many accolades, one of which was being named, with her mother, as one of the most “Powerful Women” by Entrepreneur Magazine on their inaugural list in November 2019.

Mixtroz services events, meetings, trainings, orientations, weddings, you name it where 25 or more are gathered. They use technology to make human connection simpler, better and more satisfying increasing engagement and collecting data.

Website: www.mixtroz.com

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Lisa is an energy healer at night and a designer by day. In 2017 she shifted her corporate career focus to personal wellness after a series of health and emotional events. She began a rediscovery of herself and who she wanted to be for the 2nd half of her life. She now operates “Magick Healer”, an energy healing studio focused on servicing the world with universal energy and crystal healings; bringing the magick of metaphysics to everyone around her, one person at a time.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lisalindesign

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Nanda Grandison is a mission-driven, passionate marketer with extensive experience working with start-ups and large publicly traded companies, driving revenue, acquiring and retaining customers, and revitalizing brands, giving her a unique perspective to deliver impactful results. Nanda stepped away from corporate America after 20 years to lead a marketing consultancy and bring a consumer packaged goods product to market.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nandagrandison

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Kathryn Wepfer is the founder of Fulcrum Apparel, which provides better workwear solutions for pumping moms. Prior to launching Fulcrum, Kathryn was a mechanical engineer in robotics and jet engines, a product manager and sales specialist for Microsoft, and had a short career as a professional ballroom dancer. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband and two daughters.

Website: thefulcrumapparel.com
LinkedIn: Kathryn Wepfer
Facebook: Fulcrum Apparel
Instagram: @fulcrumapparel
Pinterest: Fulcrum Apparel

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Wanda Toro Turini, also known as Dr. Wanda or THE Nerdy Girl Entrepreneur is quite a seasoned entrepreneur but, even more unique… she is a natural inventor. Her latest brainchild, Ketchwords.com, helps fellow entrepreneurs unveil their Anonymous Fans and stop leaving money on the table. She’s a unique combo of super analytical and super creative and is a Rock Star in marketing and audience engagement.

Website: https://ecofilesmobile.com/

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Keisha Montfleury is an entrepreneur with a purpose. She is currently the CEO of a California 501 C 3 non profit and the owner of an organization called HandiWork: both organizations responsibility are to encourage a generation that is armed with the tools, knowledge, and resources to thrive as individuals.

She hosts interactive workshops and provide resources for our girls ages 5-11 so they will not participate in risky behaviors such as self-harm and bullying. Keisha is an author of 3 books and workbooks that are specifically designed to provide our girls with practical tips and tools, she is a speaker and a Certified Teen Life Coach.

Website: keishamontfleury.com
Facebook: ConfidentKeisha
Instagram: confidentkeisha

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As a writing coach, Deborah Ager guides entrepreneurial leaders to have more impact and influence by writing their own business-building books and anti-boring content that converts. She combines her publishing background, experience with teaching creative writing at university, and her practical marketing knowledge to help her clients feel more joyful with the writing process.

Her clients appreciate her literary eye and say her copywriting and marketing experience helps them avoid common pitfalls, making it faster and easier for them to get clients and inspire and educate their audiences.

Website: radiantmedialabs.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahager/

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Kaitey Elliott wears a variety of hats, but they can all be summarized to say “encourager of everyone!” As a CEO, Co-Founder, and Board Member for companies around the world, her mission is to support and champion individuals in each industry. While finishing up her Masters in Project Management, Kaitey recently launched 2 companies: The License Solutions, a consulting firm, and Kaitey Elliott a colorful lifestyle blog. With dreams of starting many businesses in the future, Kaitey is discovering that anyone can be an entrepreneur, it doesn’t have to be as scary as it may seem! 🙂

Website: kaiteyelliott.com & thelicensesolutions.com
Instagram: @kaiteyelliott & @thelicensesolutions

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Serena Mastin has overcome extreme obstacles, personally and professionally. She started her life in witness protection, nine different foster homes, teenage addiction, homelessness, to her husband’s recent suicide. Serena has faced unimaginable adversity. Despite her challenges, she found a real sense of purpose along the way.

The most inspiring part of her story is her strength and resilience and her ability to look fear in the face and give it a little wink.

Despite all odds, Serena built a career in marketing and launch Pulse Marketing over 8 years ago. Her firm makes a direct impact on brand exposure, sales, increase revenue and achieve key results for unique organizations. It is their goal to maintain and accelerate their clients presence as strong, high-quality industry leaders in creative marketing with the best presence in video, web, advertising, graphic design and social channels.

Website: www.heartofcreative.com & http://www.pulsemarketingteam.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PulseMarketingTeam/

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Lisa Caprelli is an award-winning author of the unicorn book series, Unicorn Jazz. She is the host of the kids show on Amazon TV, Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do.  which is described as a modern day “Sesame Street meets Mickey Mouse Club” where kids can send in their own video content, music, talent and more!  A new season is coming Summer 2021 with a collaboration of over 200 kids & adults for THE THING I DO!   She has been featured in FORBES magazine, ABC News outlets, USA today newspapers, and more media and news outlets.

When students ask about why Lisa is passionate about writing, she will say, “I grew up shy and introverted. My only voice was on paper.” With that said, this Latina author has created a world-class brand around a unicorn named Unicorn Jazz, with animal friends and ocean animal characters.

At the onset of the pandemic, Lisa knew she had to do something outside the box to continue creating and developing her characters for children.  She relied on her broadcast radio experience and years of producing shows for FM and AM stations.  A year later, she has launched Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do that is on Amazon TV/Prime with a full season launching summer 2021.

She grew up with humble beginnings in the sun city of El Paso, Texas. She is proud of her Latin roots and culture.  She always wanted to live near the ocean and today lives in Huntington Beach, California. She has made Orange County, California her home for the past 20 years.  Lisa has experience presenting to elementary, middle and high school students and has taught at Long Beach State, California.

With a 26 year branding, public relations, FM/AM radio, The Business Experience Show,  podcasting and writing background, Lisa Caprelli has made writing her life.  As an entrepreneur, Lisa went on 2.5 year journey researching & interviewing 13 notable entrepreneurs on what makes for a MEANINGFUL, HAPPY and PROSPEROUS life.  Enter her book Skip a Step:  Imparting Wisdom For Young Entrepreneur Minds.   It was through Skip a Step that she fulfilled her life’s purpose to create the UNICORN JAZZ world.

This best-selling author is proud to be the first generation to graduate from college, graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Social Psychology. Her passion for studying human behavior and teaching is seen in her work.  She believes in community outreach and volunteering as seen with her reach and storytelling with children’s hospitals.  She started volunteering with hospitals and convalescent homes at the age of 10.

Coming from an influence of educators, including early childhood teachers, principals and librarians, she enjoys keeping up and teaching the latest trends in technology to leverage and collaborate with great leaders to make stories and the love of reading meaningful.

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Aubrey is wildly obsessed with adventure, travel, business, and the human psyche. She considers herself to be a norm breaker and trailblazer.

She is a life & business coach for ambitious entrepreneurs. Aubrey is also a NLP student, and podcast host.  She helps women master their mindset so they can do what they love, and step powerfully into their purpose!

Aubrey is on a mission to bring strong community back to society and help as many women as she can create the life they deeply desire.

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Jessa is Founder & CEO of Shirt Sauna, a multi-garment steam cleaner used to skip trips to the dry cleaner and leave the iron stowed away. She’s also Co-Founder of A STELLAR CO – a Business Guide consultancy for strategic planning. Jessa is passionate about working with small businesses to define their north star, solve problems, and maintain trajectory towards transformational goals.

Website: www.shirtsauna.com
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/shirtsauna
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shirtsauna/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessaspainhower/

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Nichole MacDonald is the founder of The Sash Bag, a highly coveted alternative to handbags. Sash bags have been featured on several national media outlets including the Today Show, Extra, and many more. Nichole has an extensive background in marketing, design, and product development and has helped successfully launch over 25 products in her 18-year career.

Twitter: @thesashbag
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sashbag

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Sable Lomax is a global diversity, inclusion, and equity expert. Currently she is the Global Director of Programs for Fearless Futures, who facilitates equity and inclusion learning experiences across sectors in service of designing equitable ecosystems for people and products.

She received her BA in African American Studies and French from Temple University and a MSEd in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

Your website: www.fearlessfutures.org
Twitter: @fearlessfutures
Instagram: @fearlessfutures
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FearlessFuturesUK
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/5349443
Real Brown Girls – https://www.instagram.com/realbrowngirls/

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Gwen Beren founded Illuminous Marketing in 2012 with the vision of helping businesses shine online with SEO and content marketing services.

She is a voracious consumer of all kinds of content – from blogs, to podcasts, to books – and enjoys learning the latest marketing trends to implement for her clients.

Gwen is also a partner within The Click Collective Agency, spearheading the marketing team and driving results for clients.

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As a Certified Executive Coach, Diana helps leaders, mainly Technology leaders, deepen their Emotional Intelligence and communication skills to inspire their teams to higher performance levels, creatively solve problems, and positively impact their bottom line. Diana works with Directors and Senior Executives in Fortune 500 companies to transform their team spirit and communication, turning low-performing teams to highly productive and engaged teams.

Her practice focuses on using evidence-based research in Positive Psychology for coaching, which allows her a whole person wellness approach in coaching.

Diana calls San Diego, California home. When she is not playing with her two little girls or hanging with her hubby you can see her on stage doing stand-up comedy . . .and if you are wondering no she is not that funny.

Website: https://www.dianalowe.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianaelowe/

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Rachel Haley has worked in the finance and tech industry for the past 10 years. In 2015, she Co-Founded Clarus Designs, which now has over 100 employees globally. Most recently, Rachel worked as the Senior Director of Sales Operations and Strategy at Snowflake, where she helped the company grow from 300 people to over 2,000 and more than 10X-ing in annual revenue.

Website: https://www.clarusdesigns.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-haley-59ba677/

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Emily Barrosse is founder and CEO of Bold Story Press, a publishing house for women authors who want to share their stories with the world. She spent the first 32 years of her career in the publishing industry, where as Vice President and Editor in Chief at McGraw-Hill, she signed and published hundreds of best-selling books.

Emily believes that women are uniquely qualified to empower each other through sharing the stories of their experience. She knows the world will be a better place when we achieve better balance in our culture by increasing the numbers of women’s voices.

Website: www.boldstorypress.com
Twitter: @boldstorypress
Instagram: boldstorypress
Facebook: Bold Story Press

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Adrienne Hand is an acclaimed author and thinking partner who helps writers finally finish their nonfiction book! Known for her personal attention to clients, exceptional writing and editing skills, and strong work ethic, Adrienne’s clients include industry leaders such as real estate developer Tom Bozzuto and Adecco Group Foundation President Joyce Russell. Adrienne’s book The Graceful Exit, co-authored with Mona Hanford, was on the Top 10 Washington Post Bestseller List for 4 weeks. Adrienne is also a healthcare journalist, currently writing about the mental health impact of Covid 19 – on all of us.

Read Adrienne‘s recent article on COVID’s mental health  impact – click here.

Website: https://adriennehandediting.com/
Twitter: @adrienne_hand
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adriennehand/

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Over the past decade, Alisha has served as COO/CFO of three start-ups in the clean energy and healthcare industries. She helped grow these companies from inception through exits that ranged from a small private sale to an IPO. In 2019, Alisha moved to the investor side of the table when she founded Daintree Capital, an investment firm that provides working capital loans to under-represented founders. Daintree’s portfolio now includes 12 companies across a broad range of industries. Alisha has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia and an M.B.A. from Stanford University. She lives in Chevy Chase, MD with her husband and two kids and spends her weekends as a professional youth sports spectator.

Website: www.daintreecapital.co
Twitter: @alishagriffey

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Anna is a leadership consultant helping leaders reclaim their Genius Zone by eliminating reactivity, transforming their leadership, and becoming catalysts of thriving company culture. The best thing Anna knows is to see a spark in her clients’ eyes when they (re)discover their Zone and get to play in it more often. They become more curious about themselves and the others, better listeners, more empathetic and effective leaders, greater Humans, and they get to enjoy their journey so much more! To hear more conversations about leading from your Zone of Genius, tune into Genius Leadership: overcoming Everything podcast.

Website: https://annaliebel.com/
Twitter: @anna_liebel
Instagram: @anna.liebel
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-liebel/
Podcast: https://linktr.ee/geniusleadershippodcast

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Sarah is an influential and strategic Human Resources professional with the ability to develop strong partnerships at all organizational levels. She believes that thoughtful and intentional strategic communication is at the core of all healthy organizations and relationships. With this in mind, she helps small to mid-sized companies develop and hone their HR plan to foster an inclusive culture while meeting the business demands.

Website: http://www.calfeehr.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahcalfee/

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Abby Mercado is the Co-Founder & CEO of Best Shot, a patient’s companion in fertility treatments. A former venture capital investor, Abby conceptualized Best Shot after her frustrations with IVF medications and the mental health challenges she faced post her infertility diagnosis. Now, on the other side of her fertility experience, Abby is passionate about providing those who struggle to grow their families with the tools to help them succeed with confidence and grace.

Website: https://bestshotcare.com/
Twitter: Best Shot
Instagram: hellobestshot

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Alexandra is Chief Exec of Lanterne Rouge, the team behind the BOLDLY platform, delivering coaching that scales. She is an Organisational Psychologist and Coach, and is considered a global thought leader in coaching technology.

Website: https://www.boldly.app/company
LinkedIn: BOLDLY – Coaching & Mentoring That Scales

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Juju Hook is brand-strategist and business coach for midlife women and author of “Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis—The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife Into PrimeTime.” Her programs help women use the mastery they gained in the first half of life to create businesses doing WHAT they love, with WHOM they love in the second half. Juju’s work focuses on the strategies and systems—as well as the confidence and courage—required to build an impactful presence and earn reliable, sustainable income.

Website: Jujuhook.com
Twitter: @jujuhook
Instagram: juju_hook
Facebook: julia.juju.hook
LinkedIn: jujuhook

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Nicole has been partnering with high-performing companies and developing effective ways to support their overall business goals through marketing for over twenty years. She specializes in creating and implementing successful marketing campaigns that meet specific business objectives. With experience across diverse industries, Nicole creates marketing strategies that drive awareness and spur growth. She holds an M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship and is passionate about helping companies create a strategic roadmap for success.

Website: www.s2strategicsolutions.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/nicolehagaman

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Charlotte Ashamu is a global leader, entrepreneur, curator and board member. She is the Founder and CEO of Dabira, a business specialized in building innovative programs for Africa’s creative entrepreneurs, while enabling a global community to experience Africa’s contemporary creativity.

Website: www.dabiradesign.com
Instagram: @dabiradesigns

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Jacqueline Giannelli MSN, RN, FNP-BC, NCMP Jacqueline Giannelli is a board-certified family nurse practitioner specializing in women’s health with a focus in menopause, urogynecology, and sexual health. Jacqueline is a North American Menopause Society certified practitioner with Elektra Health, a women’s health company on a mission to smash the menopause taboo. She is also the Assistant Medical Director at Maze Women’s Health in New York. She earned her nursing degrees at NYU and San Francisco State University, and BA from Georgetown University. When not at work, Jacqueline enjoys tennis, hiking, cooking for her family and hunting for treasures in New York City.

Website: www.Elektrahealth.com
Instagram: @elektrahealth

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Aireka Harvell is the CEO of Nodat Inc. a mobile marketing technology startup specifically designed to help small and medium businesses drive new and repeat customers locally. Aireka has spent the last three years doing on the ground advocacy work for small local businesses and women entrepreneurs. She is a public speaker and author and recently honored by the Nashville Business Journal as a 40 Under 40 Honoree for 2020.

Facebook – @nodatnashville
Twitter – @nodatplace@airekaharvell
Instagram – @nodat_nashville@airekaharvell
LinkedIn – @airekaharvell

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Jessica Hornbeck, Founder of Big Picture Results helps small businesses build financial and workflow systems that grow their profit, their founder’s personal income, and their freedom.

Jessica is also an equity partner to select women and PoC-owned growing companies, a single mother to a firecracker of a little girl, a self defense practitioner, founding member of Ellevate San Diego, a Hera Hub GURU, and a volunteer for the Trauma Intervention Program of San Diego.

Website: www.bigpictureresults.com

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Alexandria Noel Butler, affectionately known as Lexi B, wears many hats including entrepreneur, speaker, editor, and writer. Her project management career started in 2011 after graduating from Stanford University and she has lead diverse large scale cross functional projects for prominent tech companies in the Silicon Valley. In April 2017, Lexi B founded Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech, an online community that supports Black women in tech companies and tech related professions. This 7400+ international community has partnered with organizations such as Phenomenally, Instagram, Youtube and Slack.

Website: www.naturallylexi.com
Twitter: @sistacirclebwit
Instagram: sistacirclebwit

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Tristan is an internationally recognized speaker on LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion. She is so passionate about diversity and representation that she stepped away from her 24 years practicing law and started her own speaking and consulting firm – Metaclusive, LLC. Tristan has a BA in Theater from the University of California, San Diego and a JD from California Western School of Law.

She began her career as a prosecutor for the San Diego City Attorney, and went on to practice entertainment, technology, and corporate law for the Screen Actors Guild, Sega of America, and Sony Electronics.

Website: https://metaclusive.com/
LinkedIn: Tristan Higgins
YouTube: Metaclusive
Facebook: Metaclusive LLC
Twitter: Metaclusive LLC
Instagram: metaclusive

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