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Hillary Berman is the founder of Popcorn & Ice Cream, a Washington, DC-based marketing agency focused on small businesses and startups, and the author of Customer, LLC: The Small Business Guide to Customer Engagement & Marketing.

Hillary is a graduate of Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. She lives in Bethesda, MD with her husband and three budding entrepreneurs.

Website: www.popcorn-icecream.com / www.alboum.com
Twitter: @popcornicecream

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Anna Cathleen Howard grew up in San Diego and Los Angeles, and she obtained her bachelor’s degree at University of Southern California. As a student there, she served on the Academic Honors Society and mentored at-risk youth in the South Central Los Angeles community. Anna then attended University of San Diego’s School of Law, graduating in 2011. While in law school, Anna volunteered with an immigration clinic, clerked for Federal Judge Michael Anello, and interned at the Public Defender’s office. After graduation, Anna worked at several law firms, focusing on security transactions and assisted reproduction rights, before starting her own firm. Anna lives and practices law in Carlsbad, California. She spends her free time with her close-knit family, swimming, body surfing, and volunteering.

Website: achowardlaw.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-howard-a86674a/

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After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Heather began her career as a web developer and quickly moved into a role of managing a team of programmers, designers, animators, and digital video producers for a wide variety of multimedia interactive corporate applications including e-learning, marketing, and communications. From there, she worked as a project manager for Fortune 1000 companies, including Subway, Disney, HBO, and Target. This expertise led her to found Hammersmith Support, a full-service web development company focused on helping clients of all sizes move through every phase of the process: site building, hosting, and maintenance. But most importantly, Hammersmith Support is built on a foundation of close relationships with clients.

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Are you dreaming of retiring? Or just going to Tahiti? You know that it takes more than a date on the calendar or a plane ticket in hand to get there. Money Native founded by Liz Lemesevski helps small business owners achieve these and other long term goals by focusing on business finances. Liz spent over 20 years working with Wall Street financing and investing other people’s money to build wealth. She has her MBA in Finance from Fordham University and decided to “lean out” in 2009 to help women build their wealth through business ownership.

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Sediqa Amed is passionately interested in transformation, psychology, and neuroscience. Her background in Nuclear Medicine Technology, molecular science, energetic medicine, physics, neurolinguistic programming, and leadership grounds her work as a transformational leader. Using neuroscience integrated with psychology, Sediqa can instruct as well as coach individuals ways of achieving ultimate fulfillment, self-realization, connection, love, and success!

Sediqa Amed’s extensive background in Nuclear Medicine Technology with molecular-cell biology, physics, as well as Pranic Energy healing enhances and grounds her work as an energy practitioner and transformational leader. Sediqa firmly believes that we can influence our brain to change and create appropriate experiences through the use of holistic practices such as quantum mindfulness, sound therapy, art therapy, and ancient energetic self-healing techniques. Using simple neuroscience integrated with psychology, combined with energetic healing techniques such as Quantum and Pranic Healing, Sediqa is able to instruct, heal, as well as coach individuals ways of unblocking all obstacles preventing one’s path to self-realization, awakening, success, love, connection, and ultimate fulfillment.

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Founder of Baephire Jewelry Designs, Kayla is a Jewelry Designer and Gemologist who graduated from the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Growing up as a fan of Japanese anime from age 7, Kayla aims to bring personality to premium jewelry for fans of anime, video games, and other exclusive subcultures she is inspired by through her unique jewelry designs.

Website: https://baephire.com/
Instagram: Baephire Jewelry DesignKayla Viola

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As the President and Co-Founder of Upstart Group, Lynn Fulks works with clients as an acting Chief Marketing Officer to understand their long term strategic objectives as well as short term annual business and sales goals, and develop marketing strategies to meet those goals. She builds strong marketing foundations that include product management and marketing communications strategies to drive growth. Lynn’s drive for results is matched only by the strength of the personal connection she forges with her clients, making her a valued member of their management team.

Website: upstartgroup.com
Twitter: @UpstartGroup

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Das Media Group CEO and Founder Shinjini Das shares how she advocates and creates space for her #GoGetters through interactive marketing on social media reaching 7 Million + go-getters a month across her social media platforms.

Twitter: @SpeakerShinjini

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Francine Antista a native to Southern California did everything to fit into that box of Corporate success. While she accomplished that, she also experienced and conquered the stress, anxiety, and depression that comes along with an overwhelming lifestyle.

She’s now the CEO of Zenerouslife Wellness Center where she helps Entrepreneurs and Professionals revitalize their mind, body, and energy to create their balanced lifestyles.

Website: www.zenerouslife.com

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Teresa Barnes, RN, Founder of HearCommunication – a business educational company – helping businesses connect with the hearing impaired via a Hearing Friendly Training and Certification program. She is a registered nurse and former emergency room manager with more than 20 years of experience in health care and business. She has also had hearing loss since birth and understands the challenges of this condition in life and in business.

Website: www.hearcommunication.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hearteresabarnesrn/

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