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Amy Airom, the founder of Capitalize Social Media, started her business on the heels of her exit from her 15-year corporate career to be a Stay At Home Mom. Five and a half years and two businesses later, she has found her niche in helping life and business coaches gain visibility, build relationships and grow their business using Facebook and Instagram.

Website: capitalizesocialmedia.com

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Julie is a 20+ year transactional lawyer focused on advising women-owned start-ups and small to mid-sized companies on strategic business transactions, including early-stage financing, corporate structuring, commercial transactions, mergers & acquisitions, securities laws, and general corporate advice. She is also passionate about teaching and mentoring young lawyers.

In addition to presenting workshops and teaching a variety of law-school courses, she is Head of Experiential Learning at AltaClaro, an innovative online experiential-learning platform start-up, where she is developing practical continuing legal education courses for young lawyers and executives. She is also the author of the recent textbook: Transactional Lawyering: An Experiential Approach to Communication & Problem Solving (Carolina Academic Press, 2019). Julie practices with Acceleron Law Group, a California and D.C. based women and minority-owned law firm.

Website: acceleronlaw.com

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Heather is an inactive CPA, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, a financial coach and a divorce coach. She founded Divorce Transition Mentors thinking there must be a better support system for the days that you are too emotionally and physically exhausted to face all of the decisions and organizing that the divorce process requires.

The goal that she has for her clients is to have them come through their divorce as emotionally, financially and physically whole as possible.

Website: www.divorcetransitionmentors.com

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Adriana Delgado is the founder of AlmaVerde-sustainable gardening. A small business dedicated to create, restore and maintain gardens in a sustainable way. AlmaVerde serves the DC metropolitan area.

Adriana was born in Argentina and grew up in a rural town. She studied Agriculture (B.S. in Agronomy) and Natural Resources (M.S. in Environment and Natural Resources Management). She moved to Washington DC 20 years ago to work on international agricultural development. More than five years ago she saw the growing of urban agriculture and the awareness of environment issues as an opportunity to develop her own business. AlmaVerde was born to give homeowners the possibility to enjoy their yards and help our planet at the same time, putting together aesthetic and functionality to create beautiful green spaces that enhance people’s life and improve our natural resources.

Adriana is a Certified Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP). She is a Volunteer Master Gardener and Master Naturalist. She keeps learning about nature every day. She works directly with homeowners as well as through the programs of local governments (like District of Columbia, Arlington Co, Montgomery Co) to reduce stormwater issues at home level in order to improve the health of our water resources. She thinks that is possible to help our planet one garden at a time.

Website: www.almaverdegardening.com

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Carmen has been working for over 20 years in Project and Program Management, and is now bringing her goal-setting, planning, and implementation skills to others by teaching the SMART goal methodology. She has coached middle and high school kids in robotics, broadcast journalism, and tennis, and realized that teaching them and using the SMART goals methodology helped them succeed. These experiences inspired the creation of her app, Teen SMART goals, designed specifically to teach teens how to set goals, track progress, and stay motivated. She is excited to bring her unique skills and passion to help teens accomplish more with less stress.

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Eva Jannotta, founder of Simply Put Strategies, works with women entrepreneurs and business leaders to create data driven thought leadership and marketing strategy so they can increase their power and influence, make a social impact, and achieve gender parity.

Website: simplyputstrategies.com
Twitter: @evajannotta

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Alex helps mission-driven business and nonprofits break through the day-to-day stress, and reach new levels of success through simple systems, organizing techniques, and planning strategies. Think of her like a closet organizer, tune-up mechanic, and personal trainer all-in-one, dedicated to helping small workplaces navigate the recurring obstacles and growing pains that can transform even the most fulfilling work into a series of tedious chores. Her common-sense approaches to process improvement, organizational change, personalized coaching (small group and 1:1), and skill-based management workshops helps clients develop the processes they need. By empowering clients to become more proactive in the administrative and management functions, Alex frees up more time and energy to dedicate to the work they love.

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Rebecca Tall Brown is the Co-Founder of Office of Awesome, a brand consultancy. As a strategist, Rebecca and her team build awesome brands that both delight customers and aligns with business objectives. Whether the goal is more leads, funders, the press, or an acquisition, they build brands to meet those goals. Rebecca has nearly two decades of experience, an MBA, and has worked with companies ranging from Toyota, pro athletes, funded tech startups, and social impact brands.

Website: https://officeofawesome.com/
LinkedIn: Rebecca Tall Brown
Instagram: Office of Awesome
Facebook: Office of Awesome

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Ursula Garrett is an award winning author and international speaker with multiple entrepreneurial ventures including Garrett & Associates, CPA and Agenda E, Inc. Ursula has owned and operated her CPA firm for 20 years offering business advisory and tax services.

Her newest business venture, Agenda E is designed to help entrepreneurs build empires one asset at time using her 20+ years of business development experience.

Website: www.ursulaisamazing.com
Twitter: @CPAGarrett

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Leslie enjoyed a twenty-five year career in high level financial services sales. Somewhere along the line, her femininity snuck away and her masculine took over. After one afternoon in a pole dancing studio, Leslie rediscovered her inner feminine and embarked on a ten-year deep dive to explore and reclaim her softer, sexier self.

Now, she helps other corporate, executive women discover how much easier and more joyful it is to lead and live from their softer, sexier feminine sides! Her company, Majestic Feminine shows women how to be soft and strong through individual consulting, speaking and retreats.

Website: www.majesticfeminine.com

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Executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and driven professionals rely upon Lifestyle & Mindset Coach Carla Reeves to call out their blind spots, expand their perspective and create a more fulfilling way of showing up to their work and their lives.

Carla spent 10+ years in Corporate America working in HR and IT. She retired from Corporate America at age 32 to raise her boys and live the entrepreneurial life she loves. What she knows to be true is that people are far closer than they realize to the very things they deeply desire and today, empowering individuals to make simple, profound shifts in the way they experience everyday life is her passion and work in the world.

Website: www.carlareeves.com
Twitter: @carlasreeves

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Anjalika is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer and writer based in San Diego. Anjalika uses images to tell stories about brands, people and places. She makes corporate videos, speaker reels, documentaries and fiction films. She has soft spot for women entrepreneurs and those that try to make the world a better place.

Film on Amazon: bit.ly/MaeShortFilm
Website: https://indienari.com
Twitter: @indienari
Instagram: @indienari

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Katie is an entrepreneurial fundraising and nonprofit industry expert, specializing in strategic planning, fund development, and database management. She co-founded her company, Kerredyn Collaborative, with the mission to amplify social impact through strategic planning, innovative project design, marketing, and fundraising.

Kerredyn provides a range of services to clients locally and globally, from web development to grant writing. Katie is passionate about growing and empowering a community of women entrepreneurs. She speaks regularly about philanthropy as good business, the intersection of family and business for women, and the business environment for women entrepreneurs.

Website: www.kerredyn.com

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Tiffany Henning is a veteran in Church & Ministry HR with over 20 years of combined experience, earning her SPHR and CRPC.

In 2016, Tiffany founded HR Ministry Solutions, a faith based non-profit specifically created to simplify HR compliance and staff pain points for churches and ministries. She currently serves as the Chief People Person of HR Ministry Solutions overseeing a team of HR Pros whose purpose is to help churches and ministries create a staff culture that is healthy and sustainable.

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