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Darlene Hawley is a mother, wife, connector and dream builder. She is also a Personal Branding & Business Clarity Coach and the founder of DarleneHawley.com.

She helps ambitious, heart-centered online entrepreneurs who are struggling with building a successful personal brand and business. They’re afraid to share their unique life story but know they need to stand out if they want to build an authentic, and profitable online business. She helps them build a solid brand foundation so they can share their message with the world, attract dream clients and have the impact, freedom and flexibility they desire.

Before starting her own business, she worked her way up in big box retail management, as a mortgage loan officer, and a financial coach. Darlene was trained by the largest business coaching franchise in the world and has been committed to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their business since 2007.

She now spends her time supporting women to reach their goals and live out their dream life, all while raising her family and creating memories each and every day.

Website: www.darlenehawley.com
Twitter: @darlenehawley

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Jami Shapiro is the owner of Silver Linings Transitions, a senior move management company specializing in senior moves, downsizing and home organization. The company creates career opportunities for women transitioning back into the workforce after taking time off to raise children. She is a single mom of three girls. Believing we can always find something positive in negative situations, she created Silver Linings Transitions as a result of a cancer diagnosis 15 years ago.

Website: www.SilverLiningsTransitions.com

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Lori Woehrle (WORL-ee), managing partner at Leapfrog Group, provides strategy, voice and vision to help nonprofits advance their missions. She works to uncover and articulate their inherent strengths—their brand promise—both clearly and authentically. Having worked both on staff and as a consultant to nonprofits, Lori creates big visions that are practical in application.

Website: www.thinkleapfrog.com

Twitter: @LoriWoehrle

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Helping others recognize their greatness within is Michelle’s passion. She is joyful when she sees others achieve the results they desire and deserve. Michelle’s expertise is in Sales and Leadership.

Her training and coaching business, The Champ Group, provides professional and personal development for community and business organizations. Delivery methods range from facilitating Mastermind Groups, to coaching individuals and teams in subjects of leadership, sales, speak-ing and team effectiveness.

Michelle is on the teaching faculty of the American Management Association and Brandman University. She is also a certified member of the John Maxwell Team.

Website: www.beasaleschamp.net

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Lara Piu, Author, Psychic, Medium & Founder of “Live to Listen”

Lara’s intuition had always been strong, but she didn’t trust it because sometimes it led her down a dead-end road. After a life-threatening situation in 2006, she spent the next decade developing a way to tune out the distractions and tune into the divine.

Now a Certified Growth Coach, Psychic, and Medium, Lara founded Live to Listen in 2016 to help busy women live an inspired, fulfilling, and divinely-led life.

Access her book, “Hear God Now: Divine Guidance for Women On-the-Go,” on Amazon.com, or learn more on live-to-listen.com.

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Kathryn helps companies and individuals create strategies for success. As a speaker, author, and online writer, she has been encouraging and mentoring women into success for years.

Her talks include Using Social Media Platforms to Generate Qualified Leads, How to Engage and Nurture Relationships, and Creating a Cohesive Relationship Between Your Sales and Marketing Teams.

Kathryn draws on her 30+years of experience in sales, marketing, and serial entrepreneurship to help high-level executives to rookie sales reps improve their selling skills. If you want to crush your goal and turn your selling slumps into celebrated fist bumps, you can find her here, kathrynevans.net. Twitter: @timetofocus

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