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With a passion for both design and helping others realize their vision of a beautifully designed space, Laytricia combined the two and 918 Design Co. was born. Laytricia has her Bachelors of Science in Interior Design and has experience in Commercial Interior Design and over 20 years of experience helping homeowners transform their homes and spaces.

Website: www.918designco.com

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Sweet Crimes is dedicated to making simple, delicious, and affordable gluten free baked goods that taste just like you remember! The Founder, Keri Lijinsky, left her profession in global public health to focus on the science of gluten free baking when she discovered she had a severe intolerance. The bakery has evolved since its inception in 2016 thanks to steadfast customer support and rigorous product development. Our mission is for everyone to love our products regardless of gluten intolerance.

Website: http://sweetcrimes.com/

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After spending 15 years marketing movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone and Dreamworks, helping launch multi-million franchises, and managing global brands with fiercely loyal fans, Hilary Hartling has a deep knowledge and innate skill in growing and leveraging strategic brands.

Hilary made the leap from corporate to founding her own brand strategy business to help others create unforgettable brands to inspire their audiences. She’s on a mission to help visionary entrepreneurs make an impact by translating their brand vision into aligned strategies and clear messaging that resonates.

Website: https://hilaryhartling.com/

Instagram: @hilaryhartling

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Cyntoni Miller (popularly known as Admin Cyn) is the founder of Black On The Job, a black-owned career development network aimed at fostering a wide range of global professional skills in the black community.

Founded in June, 2018, the group has transcended career, geographical and academic limits that have pulled our people behind for so long and successfully contributed to the career growth of over 44K members and approximately $1.2M in increased salaries.

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