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Danielle is the Founder and Principal of Client Raiser, a business dedicated to helping artists to increase their client volume and the visibility of their art. Since 2014, she has worked with nearly 100 artists across the country in support of their professional goals. Emerging and established artists alike begin with Client Raiser’s in-depth interview process, which results in a tangible assessment of their art practice and concrete next steps for advancing their careers.

Website: www.clientraiser.com

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Dhalia Balmir, Owner of Balmir Consulting, transitioned careers in 2018 to build a diversity consulting and writing business and working towards “living the dream”! Having worked at a Fortune 500 technology corporation for 12 years in contracts and supplier management, Dhalia expanded her personal interests in Diversity & Inclusion through leading female-led and African-American led employee networks, building strategic partnerships with other diversity employee networks while influencing initiatives on recruitment efforts, mentorship, and development for female and black employees. As a writer, she helps others find their voice through writing.

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De’Anna Nunez is a Speaker and Trainer delivering Breakthrough Hypnosis strategies that push the outer limits of what you believe is possible. She is one of America’s best applied learning Speakers and has conducted more than 1,000 presentations to over 500,000 people. De’Anna has contracted with the U.S. Marines across America and Asia for 20 year and Norwegian cruise lines speaking internationally in 23 countries. She is known for her edutaining style.

Website: DeAnnaNunez.com
Twitter: @DeAnnaNunez 

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Bree K. started We•col•ogy Society after selling on eBay for 7 years. We•col•ogy Society is a sustainable circular retailer and brand. Bree K. is working on scaling We•col•ogy Society to a brick and mortar store that offers a buy/sell/rent platform (Imagine a mixture of Buffalo Exhange, Anthropologie, and Rent the Runway) as well as an in-house, sustainable clothing label.

Website: www.wecologysociety.com

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Carey Adolfsson is the CEO of Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts, DTA. DTA’s focus is on providing world class commercialization assistance to advanced technologies in areas as diverse as AI, diagnostics and defense related applications.

Her volunteer work includes being a founding member of Women In Technology International San Diego chapter, and a working committee member of the MIT Forum in San Diego.

Website: www.dtanalysts.com

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