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Emily has been dedicated to making people healthier for over the last ten years in nutritional counseling and found sugar was her clients biggest struggle. She wanted to bring something to the market that people could feel good about choosing to sweeten their foods, instead of hindering their health, which is how California Grape Nectar came about.

With the first sweetener on the market made from California grapes, Domaine Santé offers the ultimate alternative to sugar. Grape Nectar has an exceptionally flavorful and unique taste that elevates anything from morning coffee and yogurt to the most intricate chef or mixologist creation and ultimately promotes a healthier and more sustainable sugar consumption.

Website: http://domaine-sante.com

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Sara Kemp is the founder and owner of Gemstone Gymnastics, which offers gymnastics, tumbling, and ninja gym classes for kids of all ages.

Sara has been involved in gymnastics since childhood and has spent the last fourteen years as a gymnastics coach, gym manager, and judge. Sara is a graduate of UC Davis, and holds several certifications in gymnastics safety, coaching techniques, and child development.

Website: https://gemstonegymnastics.com/
Instagram: @gemstonegymnastics

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Vivian Sayward is founder of Vivacity Sportswear, an inclusive women’s clothing line designed in San Diego. Vivian built a team of experts in design, development and manufacturing that produces sought after quality pieces with innovative fabrics and sustainability features. The company now offers product development and private label services – it’s Vivian‘s way of helping others avoid some of the pitfalls of developing and manufacturing a new line.

Website: https://vivacitysportswear.com
Twitter: @VivianSayward @vivacitysport

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