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Brooke Byler is the founder and president of Brooke Byler Acting Studios, Inc., an on-camera acting studio specializing in training kids and teens. BBAS puts an emphasis on gaining life skills and healthy self-esteem, so that each child and teen can maintain a grounded mindset for longevity in the industry, and for an overall positive quality of life. BBAS caters to all levels, and many BBAS students are working actors in Los Angeles enjoying success in film, television, and commercials. Brooke believes that the studio‚Äôs high quality coaching, and their healthy, grounded approach to the industry has helped empower their students to reach that level.

Website: www.brookebyler.com
Twitter: @bbactingstudios

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Katie Ferraro is a Registered Dietitian, infant feeding specialist and mom to 7 children age 4 and under (including a set of quadruplets and baby twins). Katie helps parents give their babies a SAFE start to solid foods using a process known as baby-led weaning, an alternative to traditional spoon-feeding.

Website: www.fortifiedfam.com

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Jennifer holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to founding Jaybird Analytics in late 2018, she worked as a predictive modeler/statistician/data scientist in government consulting and financial services for 14 years.

She is committed to advancing the state of analytics in startups, smaller businesses, and non-profits across the United States.

Website: jaybirdanalytics.com

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