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Deborah is an Executive Coach, Sales Accelerator, Strengths Strategist, Brainstorm Facilitator and Speaker. Her focus is to first shore up the core of the individual, then fine tune the strengths they bring directed at what they want to accomplish and achieve.

She will tell you that she is madly in love with what she does and that her favorite moments are when she literally sees a personal insight in a client of hers take flight.

Website: http://deborahgedwards.com/
Twitter: @DeborahGEdwards

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Alisa Marie Beyer is an entrepreneur, writer, and business behavior expert. Her latest venture, LemonTree Partners inspires people to discover and trust who they are at their natural best so they can improve and positively impact their workplaces, lives, and relationships.

Alisa now spends her days building high-trust, high-performance teams for entrepreneurs, individual employees, small businesses, and teams within large companies.

Website: https://lemontreepartners.com

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