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Jennifer Stahl is passionate about getting results and creating life balance for her clients. She helps clients gain clarity and implement proven business concepts to guarantee a high return on investment. After graduating from Seton Hall University with a B.S. in Business Administration, she spent 13 years training, marketing, and managing projects for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. Whether her clients are large or small, she combines experience with customized training and operations management to enable clients to grow, build their business, and construct highly functional teams. She is certified by FocalPoint International as a Business Coach.

Jennifer is involved in her community through her service on the Board of Directors of Hannah’s House, a non-profit providing services to families dealing with divorce and child custody. She lives in San Diego, California with her three Jack-Russell Terriers, Maggie, Mallory (aka “Turtle”) and Mona and her horse Lexi.

Website: jenniferstahl.focalpointcoaching.com

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A daughter of two computer specialists, Ms. Jasmine L. Sadler was born in Detroit, Michigan where she enjoyed tutoring her classmates in Algebra as well as becoming a technically trained competitive dancer. Just before submitting college applications, Space Shuttle Columbia disaster inspired Jasmine to pursue Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan.

Jasmine lives her life on purpose through her company, The Steam Collaborative, which educates children and their parents about STEM from an artistic perspective.

Website: www.adorntheworld.com

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