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Kim helps women win more business by teaching them how to ask the right questions, listen deeply, and connect the dots to make sales in a natural, non-pushy way. Her one-on-one sales coaching, consultancy and workshops focus on building relationships and having conversations with purpose.

She began selling with her first job in food services, branched into marketing, and came back to sales because it was much more interesting. She has trained with some of the most respected business brand names over her career, achieving a training commendation from Xerox. Over the past 20 years she’s delivered sales and marketing services to select clients across the globe, in B2C, B2B and nonprofit industries.

Website: www.thestylishmarketer.com

Twitter: @stylishmarketer

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Pleasance is an author, teacher, mentor and guide for women in Washington, DC. She hosts workshops, courses, retreats and classes in mind, body, sprit rituals and practices.
Pleasance is a leader in the well being industry and was a yoga studio owner, community advocate and teaches people hows to stress less and enJOY life more.
She lives in DC with her 2 children and partner of 20 years and loves to read, write and play!
Website: www.lilomm.com
Twitter: @lilommyoga
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