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Founder of @FemCity : Cuban girl & Mom of 3 humans. Teacher, Writer, Coach, Speaker + Motivator for Female Sheroes.

Website: www.femcity.com

Twitter: @violettedeayala


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As a mindset coach and process strategist, Janina is passionate about helping female business owners simplify their lives and gain the support they need to live a life of abundance.
Janina spent more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, documenting processes, creating and delivering end user training, overseeing and educating outsourced support teams, and discovering the fine line between efficiency and redundancy, before deciding to take her talents outside the corporate world.
​She quickly realized many entrepreneurs and small business owners felt like she had - a feeling of having more to offer yet not see how to create a plan and get into consistent action.
Janina works with female entrepreneurs to organize and streamline your ideas into inspired actionable next steps and to help you identify and overcome the mental roadblocks and frustrations that are between you and experiencing the level of success you've dreamed of.
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