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Amy left a six figure finance career in 2010 to open two San Diego barre studios. She then expanded to help women launch successful studios of their own. She has written an untitled book to help women leave corporate America and launch their own successful business that will be released by June 2016, and is in the process of launching two new programs - Create It and Launch It, and Tech Tools to Launch - about how to create and launch businesses and online courses. Her passion is helping women achieve financial independence.

Website URL: http://amymewborn.com/
Twitter: @amymewborn

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Sarah Tuakli Cooper, founder of Sauté Creative Brand Partners, a marketing Agency in San Diego, approaches everything in life with the question, “What would it really take…?” A mother of three, Sarah taught Music Technology in London for 20 years before heading extreme west with her husband and daughter. She runs a Meetup group for Conscious Women in Business here and contributes training for CASAs with Voices for Children.

Website URL: http://sautecreative.com/
Twitter: @sautecreative

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