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Rebecca Massoud is an award-winning business success coach and marketing mentor. As founder of SHINE, she specializes in helping visionary, heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants attract, win, and WOW high-paying dream clients, so they can make an abundant income and make a difference doing what they love.

For more than 25 years, Rebecca has helped entrepreneurs and organizations achieve their goals through marketing and brandingexponentially growing their leads and maximizing their revenue. She has worked across many different sectors, including diverse organizations such as the San Francisco Museum of Art, 7-Eleven Stores, multinational software firm Autodesk, and Presidio Graduate School, which created one of the world's first Sustainable MBA programs.

Website: www.rebeccamassoud.com
Twitter: @rbmassoud

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Megan Norris is the Founder and Owner of Relationship Resolutions, a relationship-based counseling and therapy practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with 4 locations and almost 30 multi-disciplinary clinicians. Megan and her family moved to San Diego in June of 2014, where she currently runs the practice virtually...with, of course, the assistance of a phenomenal female administrative staff holding down the fort in Pittsburgh. Megan is both scared and excited as she embarks on the daunting journey of growing her business using a franchise model. ABOVE ALL ELSE, MEGAN IS GRATEFUL...for the opportunities and people who have shown up in her life; for discovering how to live intentionally; and for the copious amounts joy, peace, and love which grace her daily.

Website: http://www.relationshipresolutions.org/
Twitter: @RelationshipRes

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