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Donna Kozik is a two-time award-winning author and creator & leader of the original Write a Book in a Weekend(R) program. She's shown thousands of people how to get a short and powerful book done to use as a "big business card" and kick-butt marketing tool. Originally from Pennsylvania, she now lives by the freeways and beaches of San Diego with three feline home office mates.

Website: http://freebookplanner.com
Twitter: @DonnaKozik

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Jenn Aubert is an author and entrepreneur. Her first book Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready! Set! Launch! (Balboa Press, 2014) explores the mindset, motivation and behaviors of successful female entrepreneurs and the role models in their lives who have influenced them. She is also the Co-founder and CEO of LearnSavvy, an online education marketplace and community for women business owners and the co-owner of the site Showcasing Women.

Website: www.LearnSavvy.co
Twitter Handle: @learnsavvy | @showcasingwomen

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According to Barbara, her best bio came from a business client: "I'd like to share my deep heart-felt gratitude to Dr. Barbara Cox - She facilitated 8 sessions of, basically magic, which transformed my life and business endeavors. Dr. Cox has been serving people as a consultant for the last 14+ years, She is multi-faceted in Industrial-Organizational work for corporations, is excellent with Ericksonian Hypnosis, writing and curriculum development for innovative groups, and much more. She has worked extensively with executives, scientists, the creative professions, and has worked with highly diverse groups. She trained with Dr. Brian Weiss many years ago and has had amazing psychological and spiritual mentors. I wholeheartedly endorse my friend, colleague, and this talented Healer, Dr. Barbara Cox." Dr. Charlie Freeman.

Website: www.drcoxconsulting.com

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