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Deb Boulanger is the money making mentor for new women entrepreneurs. As CEO and founder of The Great Do-Over, she coaches founders in how to create programs that sell – whether they are launching a business for the first time, re-launching a business that isn’t growing, or adding new offerings to their portfolio.

Deb started her program to support the large number of women in high-end mentorship and mastermind programs who are failing to make money. She noticed that while they had acquired the marketing skills to successfully grow a business, they missed the mark with creating irresistible offerings that their ideal clients wanted to buy.

In 2017, she decided to apply the skills she learned in her 25-year career as a product launch executive to new startups. Deb is now a sought after business mentor by women who want to invest wisely in building a business that meets their revenue and lifestyle goals.

She is also the New York City Metro Chapter Director for Empowering A Billion Women by 2020 and serves on the EBW2020 leadership team.

Webiste: http://thegreatdoover.com
Twitter: @debraboulanger

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